Bath Fix

Even new baths can meet with accidents and end up needing to be fixed, whether it is a chip on the surface of your bath or a slight crack we can repair it with Bath Fix normally within an hour. With Bath Fix even old baths that have become dull over time can have the new lustre and shine of a new bath without the hassle and cost of replacement.

Bathfix Gallery

Cigarette burns on ledge of plastic bath
Cigarette burns removed from ledge of plastic bath
Handle broken off the side of a plastic bath
Handle area repaired on the side of a plastic bath.
Rusted and damaged cast iron bath in need of Bath Fix
Rusted Bath after being repaired and reglazed
burn on surface of plastic bath _before
burn repair on plastic bath_after
Hole in plastice bath in need of repair_before
Hole in plastic bath completely repair using fiberglass _after
hole in plastic a plastic _before
hole in plastic bath repair with fiberglass _after