Fibreglass Repairs

So you curse the day you got rid of your cast iron or pressed steel bath and replaced it with a plastic fibreglass bath. You simply dropped a heavy shower head or shampoo bottle and now have a hole or crack in your bath, don’t worry with our bath fix solution we can repair it using fibreglass so that it looks as good as new.

Fibreglass Gallery

Very rusted and worn high level cistern in need of repair_before
High level cistern reglazed and restored to its original state_after
Crack on a ceramic sink
Crack on ceramic sink repaired
Large chip taken from the side of a plastic bath
Large chip repaired on the side of a plastic bath
Corner of plastic bath damaged needs fiberglass repair _before
Corner of plastic bath repaired using fiberglass damage no longer noticeable _after
Plastic shower tray with a large crack in it, in need of repair_before
Plastic shower tray after it has been repaired and reglazed_after
Electric box badly damaged and all tapped up_before
Electric box repaired and reglazed to look new_after