Q. Do you only reglaze cast iron baths?
A. No! we specialize in reglazing all bathroom fixtures including ceramic, plastic, fibreglass, pressed steel and cast iron baths. We also reglaze shower trays, sinks, cisterns, wall tiles, toilets and bidets.
Q. Can a chip on the surface of my bath be repaired successfully?
A. Yes a chip on the surface of any fixture can be 100% successfully repaired.
Q. Do I need to remove taps, plugholes and outlets before reglazing my bath?
A. No, it is not necessary as we mask off and protect all fittings, as well as the floor and wall tiles. 
Q. How long does it take to reglaze a standard bath?
A. It takes approx. 3 hours to reglaze a standard bath.
Q. How long before I can use the bath after being reglazed?
A. It only needs to be left to set for 24 hours.
Q. Do you offer a warranty?
A. Yes, we offer a 5 year warranty with our full reglazing service
Q. What is the best cleaning product to use on my bath?
A. Like a new bath we do not recommend you use any harsh or abrasive cleaners, or anything with a high concentration of bleach, as this will dull the surface over time. Antibacterial washing up liquid is always one of the best cleaning products for your reglazed surface.
Q Can I change the colour of my suite?
A. Yes, you can have your suite reglazed in a wide range of colours or changed to white.
Q. Should I have my bath reglazed before or after I get my tiling done?
A. Our experience shows it is best to have all the heavy work done in the bathroom before reglazing your bath.
Q. Can you apply traction treatment to my bath and shower tray?
A. Yes we can, however while it initially looks good over time all traction treatments become grubby. It is for this reason we developed the anti slip strips. They can easily be applied and removed when necessary without having to have your bath or shower tray reglazed again. It is very popular with our commercial clients and those that are safety conscious.