Q. I’ve really good tiles but the grout is a little grubby and I’d like a new look. Can you do anything with them?
A. Yes, why go to all the hassle and cost of tiling when you already have good tiles and the grout will only discolour again. We can reglaze your tiles with our 'BRC Tile Coat'. Your walls will look newly tiled with all the advantages of a non porous coating at a fraction of the cost.
Q. What if I have a hole in my bath or shower tray?
A. Complete see through holes can be fully repaired as if they were never there in the first place.
Q. What if I have a burn on my bath?
A. Most burns can be completely repaired using our fibreglass system. When the damage has been repaired your bath will look as good as new.
Q. I have scratches on my bath, will I need to have it completely reglazed?
A. Not necessarily most scratches can be completely removed from your fixture using our state of the art polishing system.
Q. I have several cracks in my shower tray can this be repaired or do I need to replace it?
A. 99% of all cracks can be completely repaired without the hassle or cost of replacing your shower tray.