Our Services

We specialize in reglazing all types of baths from antique roll top baths, to cast iron/pressed steel and plastic/fibreglass baths. Our unique reglazing system will have your bath looking as good as new. With our special Colour Matching Service you can keep or change the colour of your bath in less than three hours.
Even new baths can meet with accidents and end up needing to be fixed, whether it is a chip on the surface of your bath or a slight crack we can repair it with Bath Fix normally within an hour. With Bath Fix even old baths that have become dull over time can have the new lustre and shine of a new bath without the hassle and cost of replacement.
Damage on the surface of your bath, shower tray or sink no longer needs to mean you have to replace it. We can 100% successfully repair a chip on the surface of your fixture normally within an hour. With each repair you receive a one year warranty and the peace of mind that you’ve saved yourself in some cases hundreds of euros.
Let’s face it, with life being so busy we tend to use showers more than baths these days. This can lead to them becoming worn and dull. Over time they may even begin to show signs of cracking. We can have your shower tray looking as good as new with our unique reglazing system. A standard shower tray takes less than 3 hours to reglaze and is ready to be use in 24 hours.
Belfast sinks are a wonderful feature to have in any kitchen. They can add style and glamour but can of course be expensive to buy new. With reglazing you can restore an old and maybe even sentimental family Belfast sink to its original glory. They don’t just need to be used as old planters, they can be brought back into the heart of the home to be used by generations to come.
So you spent hundreds maybe even thousands on having your bathroom tiled, but years later your fed up with the colour or maybe it’s just the grubby grout lines, but you couldn’t justify retiling perfectly good tiles. Well reglazing is the solution. With reglazing your tiles you will have what looks like new tiles, with all the advantages of a nonporous grout line for a fraction of the cost.
So you curse the day you got rid of your cast iron or pressed steel bath and replaced it with a plastic fibreglass bath. You simply dropped a heavy shower head or shampoo bottle and now have a hole or crack in your bath, don’t worry with our bath fix solution we can repair it using fibreglass so that it looks as good as new.
We developed the anti slip strips after months of research and development. We found that while initially traction treatments looks good over time all traction treatments become grubby. Our Anti-slip Strips can easily be applied and removed when necessary without having to have your bath or shower tray reglazed again. It is very popular with our commercial clients, hotels and those that are safety conscious.
The crowning feature of any bathroom has to be a freestanding bath. There’s no better way to add character and style to your bathroom than to have your freestanding bath reglazed to its former beauty. Even the worse bath can be restored to showroom condition and with a five year warranty that definitely has to be the jewel in the crown.